Minutes of PPG Meeting

20th January 2020

Present: GO’N (Co-Chair), HS, LR, SQ, KM (Co-Chair), MW, PK, RC, SW and RB (Secretary). In
attendance: Practice Site Manager and Practice Business Manager.

1. GO’N chaired the meeting and welcomed everyone. Each person introduced
themselves. Apologies were received from DR.

2. GO’N thanked the Site Manager and Business Manager for the guided tour of the
new surgery at the Ice House which preceded this meeting.

3. The notes of the meeting on 16th December 2019 were approved unanimously.

4. Matters arising not covered by other agenda items – Practice Website

4.1 Further to the action at paragraph 5.6 of the minutes of the last meeting, the Site
Manager provided a handout showing the number of unique visits to the practice’s website
for each month from February 2019 to January 2020. The numbers looked high with a total
of 150,022 visits (the practice has approximately 11,000 patients). The Site Manager will
double-check the numbers with the website provider and ask what “unique” means in this

Action: Site Manager

5. Practice Update - Personnel

5.1 The new IT and Compliance Manager has expressed a wish to meet the PPG which
was welcomed by the members. It was agreed that a mutually agreeable date will be found.

Action: RB and Site Manager

5.2 The Site Manager said that information about the PPG will be included in the
induction of reception staff.

6. Practice Update - Hastings Old Town Surgery

6.1 Relocation from Roebuck Surgery to the Ice House has been further delayed by
unforeseen work by BT. Until that is completed the practice is unable to give a date for the
move but is hoping it will be by the end of February. There is information in the January
edition of the practice’s newsletter together with reassurance that there will be minimal
disruption to clinics and overall service as the move will be carried out over a weekend
when the practice is closed.

6.2 The Site Manager provided the early draft of an information sheet for patients about
the move which in its final form will have photographs of the new facilities. He invited
comments and suggestions from the PPG. Members welcomed the initiative and thought
that more information about the process of nominating a pharmacy for prescriptions would
be helpful.

6.3 The Ice House has room for a pharmacy and the practice has engaged the services of
a consultant to help with the process of applying for a licence. It was not possible to
transfer the licence from the now-closed Lloyds pharmacy in the High Street to the Ice
House and presently there is no guarantee that a pharmacy licence will be granted to the
practice for the Ice House.

7. Practice Update - Guestling Surgery

7.1 No date has been set for the relocation of the Guestling surgery. The latest
information for patients about the move is in the January edition of the practice’s
newsletter. More information will be issued as soon as it becomes available.
PPG meeting at Guestling surgery

7.2 Guestling surgery is part of the Hastings Old Town practice and the PPG represents
patients of both surgeries. The intention is that some PPG meetings will be held at
Guestling surgery every year. Due to lack of street lighting leading to the surgery, members
felt it best to wait until after the clocks go forward on 29th March to have the first meeting
there this year. It was therefore agreed to have the April meeting at Guestling. The
secretary was asked to coordinate a car sharing arrangement to help members living in
Hastings attend.
Action: RB

8. PPG Digital Champion

8.1 RC said that with the help of the Site Manager an application for a grant of £500 has
been submitted to the Clinical Commissioning Group. If successful, the funding will be used
• run a minimum of four events (two at Guestling and two at Hastings) to promote the
use of digital tools and services in the practice;
• purchase promotional materials;
• provide guidance leaflets for patients; and
• help with travelling expenses for the PPG’s digital champions.
In addition, the CCG will make a tablet available on loan to the practice for use by the
champions and will also facilitate training for RC and RB who are our nominated champions.

8.2 RC and RB will be meeting Susie Goodbrand of NHS Digital on 29th January to discuss
what is involved in becoming a digital champion and the training that is available through
the local library service.

8.3 GO’N reminded us that there are many patients who do not use or do not have easy access
to on-line services, and we need to pay equal attention to their needs.

9. PPG Communications

9.1 There will be a PPG noticeboard in the waiting area at the Ice House which is on the
ground floor; the position of the board to be confirmed. The Site Manager will nominate a
member of staff to liaise with RC (our noticeboard monitor) about PPG notices at Hastings
Old Town Surgery.

Action: Site Manager

9.2 The issue of a designated space for PPG notices in Guestling surgery has been raised
with staff there and is ongoing.
Action: Site Manager

PPG contributions to practice newsletter and website

9.3 GO’N, KM, RB, SQ, SW agreed to form a sub-group to draft and proof-read the PPG’s
contributions to the practice’s newsletter, internal display screens, website and Facebook
pages. The Business Manager said the practice may renew its website and the help of PPG
members in checking content would be welcomed.
PPG participation in practice staff meetings

9.4 PPG representatives will be invited to talk to staff about the role of the PPG. Staff
meetings are usually held across lunch time but the days are varied so that all staff have an
opportunity to attend. The Site Manager will inform the PPG secretary of the dates and
times of staff meetings and the PPG officers will prepare brief speaking notes to help
maintain consistency of information given to staff.
Action: Site Manager and PPG officers

Joint meeting with PPGs

9.5 Members welcomed a suggestion from the Business Manager that representatives
from our practice, Warrior Square and Chruchwood PPGs should meet once or twice a year.

Action: PPG officers to liaise with the Business Manager

10. Results of 2019 Patient Survey

10.1 The Site Manager provided a handout showing anonymised responses to the nine
questions in the 2019 Patient Survey.

10.2 The main issues raised by patients concern the appointment booking system. The
Site Manager and Business Manager commented as follows:

10.2.1 The practice is looking at ways of enabling patients to use the on-line system
to book “non-doctor” appointments with the practice’s healthcare professionals, e.g.
for blood tests.

10.2.2 A high number of calls in the morning is still a problem. To be able to
reinstate on-line bookings for doctor appointments, the practice needs to find a way
of integrating the on-line system with the triage system so that all requests for
appointments whether received on-line, by telephone or in person at reception are
treated fairly.

10.2.3 Patients are hardly ever referred to the Walk-in Centre because of lack of
appointments at our practice.

10.2.4 Our practice does not have equipment to record telephone calls to reception
for training purposes.

10.2.5 There is a trial of on-line bookings underway at Churchwood Medical Practice
which will inform decisions at our practice.

10.3 Eight respondents to the survey said they would like to participate in PPG meetings
and twenty-four said they would like to contribute by email. These patients’ contact details
have not yet been passed to the PPG.

10.4 The PPG officers will look at the 2019 Patient Survey results and prepare a draft
response and suggestions for this year’s survey to bring to the next PPG meeting.

Action: PPG officers

10.5 Members commented that there are other ways in which patients can provide
feedback on performance and asked how responses to such things as the text requests from
the surgery following appointments, the Friends and Family test, the practice’s on-line forms
and waiting room suggestion box, and reviews on the NHS website1 are handled. This will
be pursued by the PPG officers in the context of new surveys for this year (see also
paragraphs 5.3 and 5.4 of the December 2019 meeting minutes).

Action: PPG officers

11. PPG Forum

11.1 It was agreed that the selection of representatives for the PPG Forum on Wednesday
19th February at Sedlescombe would be dealt with outside of the meeting.
12. Any other business

12.1 It was decided to take up the CCG’s offer of a presentation to the PPG at a future
meeting instead of sending representatives to workshops on Wednesday 29th January on
the East Sussex Health and Social Care Plan and Outcomes Framework and the East Sussex
Clinical Commissioning Groups Oversight Framework in either Polegate or Heathfield.

Action: RB to liaise with the CCG about a convenient date

13. Dates of next meetings
• 17th February 2020 – Hastings Old Town surgery
• 16th March 2020 – Hastings, venue to be confirmed - possible AGM
• 20th April 2020 – Guestling Surgery.
The chair closed the meeting at 18.40 with thanks to everyone for a productive meeting.

21st October 2019

Eleven members were present. We received an apology from the Practice Business
Manager. No one from the Practice was at the meeting.

As previously agreed, our draft constitution has now been amended to require under-18s to
have parental consent to join the PPG. The draft constitution is in a trial period so that we
can iron out any problems before it is put to a general meeting for agreement in 2020.

We noted that some amendments to the Practice’s website have been made in line with
suggestions put forward by the PPG. Progress will be kept under review.

Work is in hand on a new PPG application process which will reduce the amount of personal
information requested from potential members. The next step is to discuss our ideas with
the Practice.

We agreed that some on-going administrative tasks that require input from the Practice
should be dealt with outside of the monthly meetings.

In the absence of a representative from the Practice we had a general discussion about the
new triage system at Hastings Old Town Surgery. Opinions about the new system are
mixed. It is unclear whether all patients know the new system is in operation. There is
uncertainty about how the system works particularly in relation to appointments with the
nursing and healthcare staff. We will return to this at the next meeting.

No updates were available on the relocations of Hastings Old Town Surgery and Guestling
Surgery or any other Practice matters.

We want to make better use of the PPG Facebook page set up by the Practice earlier in the

Two of our members will attend the next meeting of the Hastings & Rother Clinical
Commissioning Group’s Patient Participation Forum in Bexhill on 5th November.
Our next PPG face-to-face group meeting will be on 18th November 2019 at Hastings Old
Town Surgery starting at 5pm.

16th September 2019

This is a summary of what happened at our PPG Face-to- Face Group meeting on 16th
September 2019
Six members and the Practice Business Manager were present. There were two apologies
for absence.
We received an update from the Business Manager about:
• the impact of the triage system on telephone calls at Hastings Old Town Surgery;

• the timing of the relocation of the Old Town Surgery from the High Street to Rock-a-

• Rother District Council’s planning approval for use of The Smuggler public house as a
surgery to replace the surgery at Chapel Lane, Guestling;
• future changes to the Practice’s management structure in response to the CQC
inspection report; and
• the issues raised at the HOTRA meeting on 12th September.
We discussed:
• What information we should seek from prospective PPG members to help us decide
how well our PPG reflects the Practice’s patient population;
• How our co-chairs will operate – they will chair alternate meetings;
• PPG publicity including the size, contents and distribution of our new PPG leaflet;
• PPG information displayed in Guestling Surgery;
• The Practice’s website;
• Issues arising from the Hastings & Rother CCG Patient Participation Forum in August;
• Upcoming events of interest to PPG members.
We accepted an invitation to visit the new surgery in Rock-a-Nore Road before it opens.
We agreed to:
• Ask patients under the age of 18 wanting to join our PPG to provide written consent
from their parent or guardian, and to add this to our draft constitution;
• Investigate ways in which we might reach out to under-18s if they are reluctant to
join our PPG;
• Meet next on 21st October.

19th August 2019

This is a summary of what happened at our PPG Face-to- Face Group meeting on 19th August 2019
Our newly re-formed PPG face-to-face group met for its first proper meeting. Seven members were
present, there was one apology for absence, and Dr Namvar and our Deputy Practice Manager were
in attendance.
We received an update on developments from Dr Namvar covering: the need to find a new home for

Guestling Surgery; the relocation of Hastings Old Town Surgery (HOTS) to the Ice House in Rock-a-
Nore Road; suspension of the on-line booking system for GP appointments and the new triage

system at HOTS; and two new nurse practitioners joining the Practice in September.
We discussed:
• The Practice’s hopes for the new PPG;
• Confidentiality and declarations of interest policy;
• A draft constitution;
• The HOTRA meeting to be held on 12th September;
• PPG publicity and notice boards in surgery waiting areas;
• Whether explanations of what patients can expect from using email, Patient Access, MJog
Messenger and the new triage system might be improved and how the PPG could help with
• The need for printed copies of the Practice’s newsletter to be available in the surgeries.
We agreed to:
• Meet monthly on the third Monday of each month but keep this under review;
• Have some meetings at Guestling Surgery;
• Trial the draft constitution for 6-months;
• Send representatives from our PPG to the next Hastings & Rother CCG Patient Participation
Forum on 22nd August;
• Meet next on 16th September.

23rd July 2019

This is a summary of what happened at our PPG meeting held on 23rd July 2019.
Our PPG had been dormant since 2017. A group of patients interested in re-starting the
group met with our Practice manager. A representative from the Clinical Commissioning
Group and the Chair of Beaconsfield PPG were on hand to explain and answer questions
about how PPGs operate with face-to-face groups and virtual groups, and what we needed
to do to get our PPG going again.
We elected Grace and Kate to co-chair our new PPG, Ron to be acting secretary and
Marjorie to look after our notice boards.
We also discussed:
• drafting a new constitution and agreed to start work on that;
• the extent to which the CQC inspectors are interested in the PPG;
• a HOTRA meeting in September which would include a session on developments at
the Hastings Old Town Surgery; and
• the PPG’s involvement in the introduction of online consultations later in the year.
We agreed to meet next on 19th August 2019.

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